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TweetReach Pro accounts now support multiple users

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TweetReach Pro Plans

We’re building TweetReach to be the best tool possible for measuring Twitter reach and effectiveness. To do that, we need to make it easy to share your TweetReach reports and analysis with others in your organization. Today we’re pleased to announce multiple user support for TweetReach Pro accounts. So what does that mean?

  • You can easily invite new users to your account using their email address
  • All users have the ability to run reports and review report results
  • The user that set up the TweetReach account remains the primary account holder and is the only one with access to modify account settings

As of today, all existing TweetReach Pro subscribers with plans at the Basic level and above can add users to their accounts. If you have a plan at the Plus level or above, you can add unlimited users to your account. Mini plans continue to be single user.

If you don’t have already have a TweetReach Pro account, there’s never been a better time to sign up today and start measuring your (or your clients’) Twitter reach.

Written by Hayes D

April 29th, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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New Language Support and @anywhere

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We’ve rolled out two great new changes to TweetReach reports:

  • You can now limit your reports to tweets in a particular language
  • Use Twitter’s new @anywhere hovercards to follow your advocates directly from the report

TweetReach reports speak your language

More than half of the traffic to TweetReach is from outside the US and slightly less than half of our traffic is from non-English speaking countries. We’re really excited that so many of you are coming to TweetReach from all around the world and we want to provide the best experience possible for you.

Today, we’ve added the ability to limit reports to only tweets in a particular language using the “lang” filter. Here’s what a query for “día de los muertos” containing only Spanish tweets looks like: “día de los muertos” lang:es. To find only tweets for your language, you just need to use your two letter language code.

Now, every day is Follow Friday

TweetReach report with @anywhereGood analytics tools not only help you learn, they help you take action. One of the things TweetReach enables you to do is discover your advocates; the people you should be engaging with because they’re spreading your message.

We’ve integrated a new technology called hovercards created by Twitter as part of their @anywhere program. Now, whenever you see a Twitter screen name in a TweetReach report, just hover your mouse over it and you can follow that user with one click without even having to leave TweetReach. Just like that, you can connect with your advocates and start building long term relationships.

Written by Hayes D

April 23rd, 2010 at 4:13 pm

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Announcing TweetReach Pro, ideal for tracking Twitter campaigns

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We’re very excited to announce a feature many people have been asking us for – TweetReach subscriptions! Called TweetReach Pro, our subscriptions are perfect for the person or firm who tracks Twitter campaigns and runs multiple reports each month.

We’re especially excited that we’re launching TweetReach Pro with several great customers, including Brian Solis and his firm FutureWorks, a new media marketing and branding agency. Brian says, “TweetReach is an essential part of any digital influence program. TweetReach measures just that, the reach of your story on Twitter. As such, we rely on the ability to see how tweets are disseminated across the real-time network to ensure that our work is on point and relevant.” FutureWorks has tapped TweetReach to provide the Twitter reach measurement for their campaigns.

TweetReach Pro has several subscription levels to fit anyone’s needs, and can save you up to 55% off the $20 individual report price.  All TweetReach Pro subscriptions include a company portal, a report archive, and CSV and PDF report exports. Here’s more info on plans and pricing. Some of the subscription benefits are:

  • Get phone and email support in addition to our online help desk
  • Reports are ready in minutes instead of up to 24 hours
  • Login to a dedicated company portal at
  • Run full reports any time you want on any search term
  • View your reports online anytime
  • Export your report data to CSV format and import into Excel
  • Download a PDF version of your report
  • Share reports with colleagues or customers using the share URL
  • Pro plans cost up to 55% less than the per-report cost

Subscription plans are billed monthly and there’s no obligation – you can cancel at any time – so give it a try! Be sure to check out our terms of service, which includes info about our refund policy.

Written by Jenn D

April 8th, 2010 at 10:14 am

Follow TweetReach on Twitter

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If you’re interested in what’s going on with TweetReach or general goings-on related to Twitter metrics, be sure to follow @TweetReachApp on Twitter.

Written by Jenn D

April 6th, 2010 at 2:32 pm

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Understanding Twitter Reach vs. Exposure with TweetReach

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TweetReach reports provide a number of metrics to help you measure the success of your Twitter messaging. However, the two most important metrics are reach and exposure. We often get questions about how we calculate these metrics and what they mean. We thought it would be a good idea to write an brief explanation here on the blog. If you need more detailed insight into your TweetReach report, check out our Twitter reach user guide at the Help Desk.

Calculating Reach and Exposure

Reach is the total number of unique Twitter users that received tweets about the search term. Exposure is the total number of times tweets about the search term were received by users. We call each receipt of a tweet an impression. See below for how TweetReach does these calculations.

Twitter Reach and Exposure Calculations

Interpreting reach and exposure

Reach provides an understanding of the overall impact of your message or campaign. A high reach indicates that a broad base of different users found your message interesting and spread it to their followers. It often means that multiple unrelated people found out about your campaign from sources outside of Twitter. Conversely, a lower reach means that your message is likely only being shared among a smaller group of people who may be more interrelated (e.g. people in the same geographic area).

A high reach will often be combined with a high exposure. Be careful if you notice your campaign has a low reach and a high exposure, that is an indicator that you may have a core of users that are trying to spread your message by tweeting repeatedly but that your campaign is failing to take off beyond those users’ followers. A high exposure among a small group of people may mean they feel “bombarded” by your message. You may want to alter your message or seek out other ways to get more Twitter users involved to avoid over-saturating a small group.

Written by Hayes D

April 3rd, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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Got Questions About TweetReach?

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We’ve created a set of help forums to explain how TweetReach works.

There are resources to help you get started with TweetReach, answers to some of our more frequently asked questions, in-depth explanations of TweetReach and the report components, and new feature announcements.

If you have other questions that aren’t answered in the help forums, just let us know! Leave a comment here or in the forums.

Written by Jenn D

April 2nd, 2010 at 9:49 pm

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