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Today: Union Metrics happy hour at SXSWi!

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Quick reminder that our SXSWi happy hour is today from 3-5pm at The Ginger Man! Hit us up on Twitter or give us a shout if you’re in Austin and want to come by. Join us for some delicious beer and snacks, and ask all the burning questions you’ve ever had about our products. Or just relax and enjoy a respite from the chaos of SXSWi while having the opportunity to meet our robot mascot, Merle.

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March 10th, 2014 at 11:19 am

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SXSWi 2014 Panel Recommendations

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Coming into Austin for SXSWi and not sure what to fill your dance card with just yet? We’ve highlighted some panels around social media, analytics, and from some of our friends at GnipTumblr, and more that we think are worth checking out. (And if you want to know what we’re up to, you can check that out here, and give us a shout if you want to come by our happy hour on Monday, March 10 at The Ginger Man!)

Sunday, March 9

12:30PM: Sharknado & Twitter: The Perfect Social Storm with Dana Ortiz of NBC Universal/Syfy and Fred Graver, Head of TV at Twitter

1:00PM: Beyond Dots on a Map: Visualizing 3 Billion Tweets with Gnip Product Manager, Ian Cairns

3:30PM: The Fragile Laws of Protection with Tumblr’s General Counsel, Ari

5:00 pm: Union Metrics Co-Founder and CCO Jenn Deering Davis is hosting a mentoring session at the Hilton Garden Inn. Register for a time slot ahead of time, and hurry– there’s only one left!

Monday, March 10

12:30PM: Why Clicktavisim is Not a Dirty Word with Director Politics & Causes, Liba

12:30PM: Entertainment Marketing in the Age of the SuperFan with Director of Canvas, David

3:30PM: Dive into Social Media Analytics with Gnip VP of Product Strategy, Robert Johnson

Tuesday, March 11

11:00am: #EsuranceSave30: Why 5 Million Tweeted in 36 Hours with John Ploumitsakos, Director of Online Sales at Twitter; Jesse Dillow, Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett; Josh Raper, Vice President + Account Director at Leo Burnett; and Nancy Abraham, VP of Advertising at Esurance

Wednesday, March 12

11:00AM: Letting Your Fandoms Build Your Kingdoms with Director of Product for Community and Content, Danielle

And a bonus session for those sticking around for the music portion of the festival:

Friday, March 14

12:30PM: Fan Data: The Journey from Analysis to Action with Music Evangelist, Nate

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March 5th, 2014 at 9:10 am

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Union Metrics at SXSWi 2014!

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Will you be at SXSWi this year? We’d love to see you! Here’s where you can find the Union Metrics team (and probably our buddy Merle):

Austin Startup Crawl | Thursday, March 6 | 5-10pm

We love being a part of the Startup Crawl to unofficially kick off SXSWi! If you haven’t experienced the Startup Crawl before, it’s a great way to get to know a lot of the people at the fantastic, burgeoning companies in Austin as well as the people who have brought them to life. Find details and RSVP here, and you can find us at a table in the lobby atrium at the Omni downtown.

Interested in working with us? You can find our open job listings here!

SXSW Mentor Sessions | Sunday, March 9 | 5-6pm

Our CCO and Co-Founder Jenn Deering Davis is hosting a mentor session Sunday evening at the Hilton Garden Inn on the 10th Floor. Register for a time slot online ahead of time, but you’ll have to hurry– there are only three left!

Union Metrics SXSWi Happy Hour | Monday, March 10 | 3-5pm

This year we’re excited to host our happy hour at The Ginger Man! Join us for some delicious beer and snacks, and ask all the burning questions you’ve ever had about our products. Or just relax and enjoy a respite from the chaos of SXSWi. Sound good to you? Shoot us an email, or let us know on Twitter and we’ll put you on the list!

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February 24th, 2014 at 10:15 am

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SXSWi 2014: Panel Picks!

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SXSWi Panels you should definitely take a look at, and vote for if they interest you!

We also humbly submit our own panels for your consideration, one last time:

Happy voting! See you at SXSWi 2014?

Adorable GIF credit goes to

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August 29th, 2013 at 12:26 pm

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SXSWi 2014 panel proposals from Union Metrics: Dev Career Autopsy

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We’re proposing two panels for next year’s SXSW Interactive conference, and if you like the sound of either one, we’d love your vote! (Here’s the link to the first proposal from one of our founders, Jenn Deering Davis.)

Check out this quick interview from our Gentleman Developer Mando Escamilla on Career Autopsy: Lessons from 16 Years as a Dev to see why you should vote for his panel proposal, in his own words.

1. What inspired/drove you to propose a panel around this subject?

I recently started mentoring some developers-in-training and it’s been an amazing experience.  The students are incredible and driven and it’s been a lot of fun helping them out.  They’re all so young, and I’m so very old and it’s been nice to share my OH SO VERY LONG career advice with them. So that got me thinking that maybe I could help not just those folks, but EVERYONE AT SXSW!!!!

2. What makes you qualified to discuss it? 

I’ve worked in this industry for a pretty long time and despite my best intentions, it turns out that I’ve learned some stuff!  Well, only about 45 minutes worth of stuff.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty sad.  I think I need a drink.

3. Why should people come to your panel? 

Sometimes I can be funny, so that’s a plus.  I’m still a little bummed from my last answer, so I don’t really know how funny I’m gonna be.  Let me see:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Tennis ball.

Yeah, my funny’s broken right now, so don’t come for that.  I’d say the free candy is gonna be the big draw.  Didn’t I mention the free candy? Oh, I’m totally gonna hand out candy.  And not the stupid cheapy candy – real, high quality chocolates and such.

4. What would you hope attendees take away from your panel?

Besides the candy you mean?  Well, I suppose I’d like for them to understand that their career is theirs alone – they can choose to make it what they want and they don’t have to just accept how things are.

I would add that I hope they DON’T take my soul away with them.  Ha, who am I kidding? I don’t have a soul.

5. How would you hope attendees interact with the subject manner of your panel long after they’ve gone home? 

Well, this panel is pretty introspective, so I’m gonna recommend gin as the primary interaction vector.  Some people are gonna try and tell you to use whiskey, but they’re wrong.  And then you’ll get Big Tequila telling you that life’s a big Cinco de Quatro, but we all know that’s just a cheap joke.

So yeah, gin.  Lots and lots of gin.  Once they’re good and sloppy on the gin, that’s the perfect time to start processing my talk.  I’m WAY smarter and funnier when you’re drunk – that’s just science.


If that sounds good to you, just click here to vote. Again, we would never want to be accused of bribery, but there might be some hugs in it for you.

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August 27th, 2013 at 10:33 am

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SXSWi 2014 panel proposals from Union Metrics: Social TV’s Evolution

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We’re proposing two panels for next year’s SXSW Interactive conference, and if you like the sound of either one, we’d love your vote!

Last year, Jenn Deering Davis, one of our founders, did a talk about how Twitter has changed how we watch TV. (Miss it? Listen to it here.) Next year, Jenn wants to expand from just focusing on Twitter as a platform, and talk everything From Tweets to GIFs: How Social TV is Evolving.

So why should you vote for her panel proposal? Below is a quick interview that answers just that question, and more:

1. What inspired/drove you to propose a panel around this subject? 

I’ve worked in social media for ages (well, for as long as we’ve called it that). I love television. There are some very interesting things happening in the intersection of those two worlds and I enjoy exploring them at events like SXSW. A lot has changed in the media landscape in the past few years, and SXSW is the perfect place to talk about those changes.

2. What makes you qualified to discuss it? 

We’ve been working with TV, film and other entertainment companies for several years at Union Metrics, so I’ve seen a lot of this first-hand with our customers. I also have a PhD in communication technologies and, if you can believe it, actually spent some time in grad school studying the rhetoric of pop culture. You might say this is my legerdemain. Bailiwick. Whatever.

3. Why should people come to your panel?

Because it’ll be fun! Seriously though, I got great feedback from last year’s presentation on a similar topic, which I’ve incorporated into this new talk. I’m adding in new examples and updating the content to reflect the changes in social media marketing since last March. It’s going to be great!

4. What would you hope attendees take away from your panel? 

At the very least, attendees will hear some good stories and examples of how TV shows use social media. But hopefully they’ve gained some ideas for how they can implement these kind of strategies for their own brands, even if they’re not in entertainment.

5. How would you hope attendees interact with the subject manner of your panel long after they’ve gone home? 

Like I said before, I hope they come away with some useful tips they can actually use. But maybe they’ll also learn about a new TV show! If I can introduce a show like Archer or Adventure Time to at least one new fan, then I’ll be happy.


If that sounds good, you can vote for it here. We would never want to be accused of bribery, but there might be some more GIFs in it for you. And look out for an interview with Gentleman Developer Mando Escamilla about his panel proposal Career Autopsy: Lessons from 16 Years as a Dev soon!

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August 21st, 2013 at 2:23 pm

SXSWi 2011 vs. SXSWi 2013 in numbers

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Two years ago we did a recap of SXSWi 2011 in tweets after the five days of the Interactive portion of the festival were over. (In case you’re still unfamiliar, SXSW is a great big gathering of all kinds of interactive professionals – from social media folks to software developers and startup founders, to designers, researchers and basically anyone interested in the digital space. SXSW Interactive is a tech conference, and is followed by the film and music portions of the festival.)

Here’s a table comparing the tweet volume, total number of unique contributors, and overall reach for 2011 vs. 2013:

SXSWi 2011 vs 2013 table shot

What a difference two years can make!

Here’s a breakdown of the 2013 SXSW tweet activity:

Activity breakdown for tweets during SXSWi 2013

Activity breakdown for tweets and contributors during SXSWi 2013

Were you at SXSWi? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments, old hats and newbies alike.

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March 13th, 2013 at 11:14 am

SXSW preview: How Twitter is changing how we watch TV

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One of our very own will be presenting at SXSW Interactive this year. Jenn Deering Davis, Union Metrics Co-Founder and Chief Community Officer, will be speaking about how Twitter has changed how we watch TV on Saturday, March 9 during the festival. We wanted to get a preview of her presentation, so we thought we’d ask her a few questions about social TV and share her responses with you.

  1. How do you think social media has changed how viewers communicate about television shows?

Social media provides a great place for us to talk about our favorite TV shows and characters. It allows fans distributed across the country – even the globe – to share the experience of watching a show together. TV is such an important part of our culture, particularly in the United States; many of us watch some TV every single day, and we’re deeply connected to the shows we watch and the people in them. We want to talk about TV, and social media channels like Twitter are the perfect place for those conversations.

  1. What are some of the creative strategies that networks and advertisers are employing to tap into social TV?  

There’s certainly a lot of hashtag use right now. You can’t watch a TV show – or a commercial – without seeing hashtags all over the place. Some of the more interesting fan engagement initiatives include creating character Twitter accounts that tweet during and between episodes, sharing content exhaust like behind-the scenes photos and outtakes, and running social games and contests to unlock premium content.

  1. What shows are doing social TV really well?

So many shows and show runners are doing interesting things on social media. Pretty Little Liars is one of the canonical examples – PLL and the team at ABC Family have created a huge and highly engaged following on Twitter and Facebook. As for others, I love how characters from Archer tweet as themselves (and to each other!), how Hollywood award shows like the Golden Globes post pictures from the red carpet and backstage, and how Netflix capitalized on the huge social interest around its new show House of Cards. There are so many great examples. For more, you’ll just have to come to the panel.

  1. How important is a standard measurement system for social TV and do you think Twitter’s work with Nielsen will push it forward?

Networks have been using Twitter as a way to understand the real-time pulse of their shows for several years, and I think it’s smart of Nielsen and Twitter to work together to formalize some of that. We can learn a lot about what fans think about a show by measuring their tweets. For example, tracking minute-by-minute volume helps us understand viewer interest spikes, telling us exactly what onscreen moments are exciting to the audience. I think this area will mature a great deal over the next few years.

  1. Twitter is at the center of the social TV discussion, but what other platforms do you think are poised to become a larger part of this movement?

Twitter was the first social channel to be really successful in the TV space for a variety of reasons (which I’ll discuss in more detail at SXSW), but we’re starting to see a lot more fan participation in other channels, as well. Tumblr is a big one, because millions of fans go to Tumblr to share and remix  all kinds of amazing visual content about their favorite shows, and that content spreads like crazy on Tumblr. Social TV conversations happen in all the social media spaces we spend time in, but we’ve just heard the most about Twitter so far. I think that’s changing.

  1. How does online streaming content tap into social TV? Will advertisers cater to this demographic, or keep pushing for live viewing?

Great question. We’re starting to understand more about how social impacts (and is impacted by) both live and streamed viewing. I’ll get into this more during the talk, but we’re actually seeing a comeback in live TV right now! It’s fascinating stuff, but I’ll leave that as a teaser for now.

If you want to hear more, then be sure to check out Jenn’s talk at SXSW in Austin next week. And be sure to go say hi afterwards – she’d love to talk to you. She might even have party invites to share if you ask nicely.

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February 28th, 2013 at 8:10 am

10 SXSWi 2013 panels you won’t want to miss

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We already mentioned that we’ll be at SXSWi- now just a mere two weeks away!- and we’d love to see you, so drop us a line in the comments if you’ll be there and let us know if you’re hosting an event or participating in a panel. Speaking of panels, we’ve got some suggestions for panels and other events you’ll want to be sure and work into your schedule:

Photo Credit: The Library of Virginia

1. Building Tools for Creativity | Presenter: David Karp (Founder | Tumblr)

2. Get Ready to Rumble! How WWE Is Crushing Social TV | Presenters: John Cena (WWE Superstar | WWE), Khris Loux (Co-Founder & CEO | Echo), Perkins Miller (EVP, Digital Media | WWE) & Stephanie McMahon (EVP, Creative Dev & Operations | WWE)

3. Data, Storytelling & Breaking Through the Noise  | Presenters: Ashley Brown (Dir, Digital Comm/Social Media | The Coca-Cola Company), Dustee Jenkins (VP of PR | Target), Gary Goldhammer (Sr Digital Strategist | H+K Strategies) & Jon Steinberg (Pres/COO |BuzzFeed)

4. Brands, Bloggers & the Social Commerce Future | Lisa Stone (CEO & Co-founder | BlogHer LLC)

5. Mosh Pit of Experts: The Future of Social (Core Conversation)  | Presenters: Sam Decker (CEO & Co-Founder | Mass Relevance Inc) & Sean McDonald (Managing Dir | Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

6. The Rise of the Planet of the Creatives | Presenters: Claire Mazur (Co-founder | Of a Kind), Danielle Strle (Dir of Prod | Tumblr), Jamie Beck (Photographer, co-creator of the Cinemagraph | & Jen Bekman (Founder, CEO 20×200/Jen Bekman Projects Inc)

7. Social Circles vs. Social Media | Presenters: Austin Carr (Staff Writer | Fast Company), Brian Schechter (Co-Founder & Co-CEO | How About We), Dylan Casey (Head of Prod Mgmt | Path) & Jared Hecht (Co-Founder | GroupMe)

8. Fresh Prince + Downton Abbey: A Perfect EngagementCheryl Engelhardt (Composer / Songwriter | CBE Music) & Michael Schaubach (Dir of Post Production |

9. From 140 to 0: The Rise in Image-Based Marketing | Presenter: Nate Auerbach (Music Strategy & Outreach | Tumblr)

10. And be sure to check out our presentation on Saturday! How Twitter Has Changed How We Watch TV | Presenter: Jenn Deering Davis (Co-Founder |Union Metrics)

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February 26th, 2013 at 7:48 am

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Join us at SXSWi!

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Are you going to be at SXSWi this year? We’re going to be there and we’d love to see you! Email us if you’d like an invite to our happy hour.

Also, let us know if you’re going to be on a panel, and come see one of our founders, Jenn Deering Davis, on hers: How Twitter Has Changed How We Watch TV.

Here’s to a great time at SXSWi 2013!


CEO Hayes Davis & friend at SXSWi 2010 

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February 18th, 2013 at 1:54 pm

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